100% gluten free menu. Prepared in our 5* hygiene rated, Coeliac UK accredited kitchen.


Please note our menu is totally gluten free. All other allergens are highlighted below each dish. If you have

specific dietary requirements, please let us know. We may be able to amend the dish accordingly.

(DF)=Dairy free (VG)=Vegetarian.

A menu is available highlighting our Vegetarian and Vegan items



Celeriac soup garnished with toasted hazelnut crumb and truffle oil (Vegan)

Served with warm dipping bread.

(One or both toppings can be omitted)

Celery Nuts

Potted smoked mackerel with lemon and thyme *crème fraiche.

Served with sliced seeded bread and salad garnish.

Fish *Dairy

Prosciutto wrapped ballotine of chicken with walnut stuffing.

Served with a honeyed *blue cheese dressing.

Nuts *Dairy


Turkey with all the trimmings.

Served with roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding, roasted carrots and parsnips,

pig in blanket and a stuffing ball, topped with rich meat gravy.

Celery Soy

Smoked haddock fillet with creamy leek sauce, served with tender stem broccoli and

emmental potato gratin.

Egg Fish Celery Dairy

Roasted vegetable and mushroom hotpot (Vegan)

Served with tender stem broccoli and a pot of rich veggie gravy.

Celery Sulphites


Traditional Christmas pudding (DF) with brandy sauce or custard.

Sulphites *Dairy

*Chocolate orange cheesecake with dark chocolate ice cream.

*Dairy Soy

Candied apple and almond tart (DF) with *toffee ice cream.

Nuts *Dairy

*Dairy free custard, cream or vanilla ice cream available.


Soup of the day (VEGAN), please ask your server for today's soup variety.

Served with warm wheat free dipping bread. (Celery) £5.95

Beet and Feta Salad

Beetroot marinated in balsamic vinegar. Served on a bed of salad leave and

topped with diced feta cheese, crowned with pea shoots. (Dairy, Wine)

Starter £8.50 Main £13.50

Garlic Mushrooms

Pan fried mushrooms with garlic and dairy free cream, served with slices

of toast on gluten free seeded bread *Vegan bread available £8.50

Sweet Chilli Beef

Thinly sliced beef coated in sweet chilli sauce, lightly fried until sticky.

Served with mix salad leaves, sliced mixed peppers an spring onions an

topped with sesame seeds £7.95

Smoked Salmon Salad

Slices of smoked salmon on a base of dill new potato salad, sliced

cucumber with a horseradish and creme fraiche drizzle.

Starter (Fish) £8.75 Main £15.95

Nachos (VG)

Spiced corn tortilla chips. Topped with mozzarella and baked. Finished

with more mozzarella, salsa, crème fraiche, guacamole and jalapeños.

(Dairy) £8.50 Starter size or £11.25 Main size

*Vegan option with plain gluten free bread


Char Grilled 28-day matured steaks

Sirloin steak served with grilled mushroom and tomato, topped with crispy onion rings.

Accompanied with garden peas and chips. (Dairy, Wine)

8oz approximately, £24.50

Add a port and stilton or peppercorn sauce for £2.95

Butcher’s pork sausages

Three juicy pork sausage served on creamed potatoes#, peas# and rich gravy (Dairy)


Ham, egg and chips

Hand carved Gammon ham with two eggs & chips (Dairy) £14.95

Pork Loin with sage and garlic

Thick cut pork chop served with dairy free mash, carrots & roasted parsnips topped

with dijon gravy £16.95

(Wine, Dairy)

Lion Burger

Prime beef patty in a wheat free bun. Served with crisp leaf, sliced tomato, spiced

mayonnaise, cheese & bacon. Held together with a wooden skewer with a

chunk of gherkin# and served with chips £12.95

(Dairy, Mustard)

Sweet Chilli chicken burger

Chicken breast topped with smoked back bacon and cheddar cheese. Served in a wheat

free chilli cheese bun with rocket and sweet chilli sauce, served with french fries.

(Dairy, Egg) £12.95

Mixed fish and prawn bake

Chunks of Salmon smoked haddock, white fish, poached in a sweetcorn, white wine

and dairy free cream sauce. Served in a earthern ware dish with a mashed potato

collar. Topped with breadcrumbs and parmesan. Served with long stem broccoli and

chantenay carrots (Wine, Fish, Dairy, Crustacia) £16.95

Southern fried Chicken

Free-range boneless chicken thigh. Seasoned with herbs and spices. Coated in

gluten free flour and deep fried. Served with homemade coleslaw, chicken gravy,

fries and corn on the cob (Soy, Egg, Mustard) £12.95

Add an extra piece of chicken for £3

Chorizo Cod

Oven roasted fillet of cod with fried chorizo and new potatoes, roasted red peppers

and sundried tomato. Served with rich tomato smoked paprika sauce.

(Wine, Fish,) £16.95

Chunky beef chilli

Chunks of beef spiced with chilli flakes, paprika and kidney beans, served on a bed

of white fluffy rice and topped with sour cream and corn chips (Dairy) £13.50

Short Crust Pie

Choose from: Chicken & bacon or Steak and ale.

Pies served with beef gravy or chicken gravy, and seasonal fresh vegetables.

Add your choice of chips, buttered new potatoes or creamy mash (Dairy) £14.25

Thai green curry

Sliced chicken supreme. Marinated in green chilli, coriander, ginger, spring onions

and garlic. Braised in coconut milk and dairy free cream. Served with fluffy white

rice. Finished with peas and fried rocket (Nuts) £14.25

Sides: Chips £3.75, Cheesy Chips £4.25, Sweet potato Fries £4.55 Onion rings £4.25


Black Cherry & Almond Tart (Dairy Free)

Dairy free short crust pastry, with frangipan & fruit filling (Eggs, Nuts,

Peanuts, Wine) £7.20

(May contain soy please ask)

Marmalade Sponge

Light sponge pudding, drizzled with orange marmalade and sprinkled with light

brown sugar (Eggs, Nuts) £7.20

Gooey chocolate brownie (Dairy Free option available)

Finished with a vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce (Eggs, Dairy, Soy) £7.20

Baked Mint Choc Cheesecake

Topped with mint chocolate sauce (Eggs, Dairy, Soy) £7.20


Muscovado sugar dairy free butter and sticky dates. All creamed into a light

sponge and baked. Topped off with a dairy free toffee sauce. £7.20

Plum Crumble

Plum slices gently cooked with light brown sugar, topped with gluten free

crumb. £7.20

Cheese selection

A selection of five cheeses, served with red onion marmalade & wheat free

crackers. Please ask for today’s selection (Dairy) £11.00

Ice creams and sorbets

(May contain soy please ask)

Single scoop £3.95 Double scoop £7.20







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